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Glenn Rooseboom Inc. A dynamic, multi-faceted and proactive attorney, with stellar educational credentials and broad legal knowledge, coupled with a unique and powerful skill set gained through extensive high-level experience in diverse areas of law, both as senior corporate managing counsel and founding partner of a highly successful law practice. Agile critical thinker and analyst, insightful strategic planner and creative problem solver, with excellent time-management abilities and passion to excel. Skilled in tracking meticulous detail in challenging tasks while thriving in demanding, fast-paced and deadline-driven work environments. Exceptional interpersonal, communication, collaborative and negotiation skills with diverse stakeholders at all levels. Highly effective in building, leading and mentoring productive cross-functional teams and in forging critical client and professional relationships to enhance organisational performance. Results oriented and focused decision-maker, adept at managing priorities. Fluent in English and Afrikaans.

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Although the tasks set to Glenn have been menial in the bigger scheme of his work and knowledge, every query has been handled professionally and with the utmost expertise, and genuine willingness to help.

It is very comforting to have someone to work with who can take all of your information and present the best possible legal options available for a particular set of circumstances, offering sound advice and having the right balance of kindness, compassion and professionalism at the same time.

Glennan attorney with a good heart, and who truly cares for his clients best interests – thank you.

Tamsyn Byrne
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In as far as working with Glenn Rooseboom Inc., I have found the director to be very helpful, honest and forthcoming and he assisted me in every step of my deals.

He is willing to help with all legal matters and I will without any hesitation advice my clients to make use of him and his company.

Wilma Ras
Home Smart Home Real Estate

I have known Glenn in a professional capacity for more than 6 years. For the first five years, I knew Glenn as a colleague. I came to know him as a versatile, pragmatic and astute legal professional. I deliberately use the term ‘legal professional’ because Glenn always conducts himself in a professional manner. He has never shied away from a challenge, legally or otherwise, and has always shown that he is willing and able to rise to the occasion when needed.

In the last year, I have known Glenn in a professional capacity as his client. During this time, Glenn has gone out of his way to ensure that the matters that he dealt with were resolved fairly in a manner that ensured the best possible outcome for all involved. What I admire about Glenn is his ability to understand the practicality in respect of a specific matter, rather than simply taking a dogmatic legalistic approach. This ensures that matters are not escalated into a legal battle unless it is absolutely necessary, which further ensures that the cost to the client does not balloon out of control. If fact, despite his extra work in dealing with my matters, he has never charged over and above what was agreed upfront. That is the embodiment of professional legal client service.

Hugo Barnard
CA(SA), LLM (Taxation)