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Why Attorneys and Conveyancers handle property transactions

Some people feel that the fees payable to Attorneys and Conveyancers when it comes to property is a grudge purchase, so we would like to give you a few reasons as to why Attorneys and Conveyancers need to handle your property transactions.

Bear in mind that property transactions are complex so this is just a basic introduction. Property transactions and property law involve the buying and selling of both residential and commercial property, but here we are mostly talking about residential property.

Retail purchases

In the case of retail purchase agreements – sometimes simply known as Real Estate purchase agreements – the key objective from a legal point of view is to protect both the buyer and seller and to set out the expectations of both parties.

These are sometimes said to be standard agreements, but it is unwise to enter any agreement without having a legal property expert examine it. Attorneys who are conveyancers too can ensure your purchase agreement is sound and take it all the way to the transfer of the property.

The process

For those purchasing property for the first time, the Conveyancer can not only assist you with the purchase of the property agreement but also prepare the transfer documents which the purchaser must sign.

Good Conveyancers only hold your hand through the process, but we can ensure you expedient results.

The duration

Many people ask how long it takes to transfer a property in South Africa. Well, on average, it takes around three months from the date of the sale until the property should is registered in the name of the new owner(s). Certain external aspects can delay the process such as waiting for a stipulated condition in the contract to be fulfilled or obtaining a rates clearance certificate etc.

Commercial property sales

If you are in the process of selling commercial property this year, remember that the commercial property purchase agreement should be drawn up by the seller’s attorney. These agreements can be between 10 pages or 100 pages due to the importance of details.  In the case of commercial property especially, have this done by property transfer specialists like Glenn Rooseboom Inc. We’ve always got you covered.

The contract 

Applicable to both retail and commercial property – the essence of any contract are the five key elements that make it enforceable. They are the Offer, the Acceptance of the offer, the Consideration (or price offered), the acceptable Capacity of both parties to enter the contract, and the Lawful Purpose of the contract.

Seek expert help 

Whether it is the sale or purchase of residential or commercial property, there are many good reasons as to why Attorneys and Conveyancers need to handle your property transactions. You can confidently leave these matters in the very capable hands of Glenn Rooseboom Attorneys and Conveyancers. Get in touch with us today about everything to do with your property acquisitions and leases.

Have a terrific year, stay safe and stay legally compliant!

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